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Hair Extensions

  • Completely hidden

  • All around comfort.

  • Minimal points of contact. Minimal damage.

  • No glue, heat, or tape.

  • Works for all hair types.

  • Custom coloring.

  • Looks good in any hair style.

  • Lasts up to 9 months with proper care. 

"I am certified in two other extension methods and  have found the best method for my clients is Invisible Bead Extensions."
–Diana Gallardo
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Why choose IBE?

Why is IBE the #1 requested extension? It's seamless! IBE is a no-show choice which allows clients to wear all of their favorite styles. This method works for any hair type, fine to thick. IBE is minimal contact, tension-free, pain-free flexibility, focusing on the comfort, health and integrity of the scalp, allowing clients grow their hair.

IBE is a complete luxury extension service, requiring intense training on very detailed placement, beading, and stitching. IBE requires a very exclusive training education. I am an ELITE artist in this method in Pensylvania. I cant wait for you to be part of the IBE family!

Image by Ibrahim Abazid
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The Investment 
Please read all information before booking an appointment.

Luxury services come with luxury prices! Here's why.


Behind the scenes: Hand-tied hair is relatively pricier than your average extension—IBE's are made with a unique and labor-intensive process. Each hair strand is tied to a thread to make the weft of hair—it takes two weeks to make one weft!


Let's break down the initial investment.

 For your initial install is for the first appointment getting extensions and it includes the following:

  • Cost of the luxury hand tied hair wefts needed for the desired look (cost of the hair is non-refundable).

  • Custom coloring of the hair for the perfect match.

  • Cutting, blending, and styling.

  • 10% off take-home products to set you up for success.

A $500 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT will be taken after you decide to move forward with booking your appointment. This amount will go towards the total after you service is complete.

Maintenance appointment prices are for move ups only. Clients must come to their move ups with clean dry hair unless client is getting a separate color service or added haircut or blow-dry service. Any added services must be booked with extra time and charged as a separate charge.

10" &14" Hair Extensions 

One Row $500–$700

Two Rows $700–$1,000

Shorter lengths available for adding volume. Only available for straight hair. Includes hair, coloring and blending of the extensions, and 10% off products.

18" Hair Extensions

One Row $700–$1,000

Two Rows $1,200–$1,700

Three Rows $1,500–$2,000

Initial installation includes cost of the hair, custom coloring, and hair trims to blend of the extensions and style . 10% off take home products.

22" Hair Extensions 

One Row $1,200–$1,400

Two Rows $1,500–$2,000

Three Rows $1,750–$2,300

Initial installation includes cost of the hair, custom coloring, and hair trims to blend of the extensions, and style. 10% off take home products.


$30 for 30mins

In person consultation is required before the initial installation. A flat, non-refundable fee of $30 is required during consult.

During this time we will determined the desired look and exact costs. Client must pay a deposit in order to book the appointment.

Move ups

One Row $200

Two Rows $400

Two and One Half Rows $500

Three Rows $600

After the initial install, move-ups are expected every 7–10 weeks. This will depend on each clients hair growth.

Clients must come with clean dry hair.

Additional services will be charged.

If client does not follow the at home care tips and mattings occurs there will be an additional charge for the time.

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